Douglas Ross knows what it takes to win.

When he won his Moray constituency from the SNP in 2017, and then successfully retained it in 2019, it was done by hard work, by having a strong message that struck a chord with voters beyond those who usually vote Conservative, and crucially by forging those voters into a winning electoral alliance.

Under Douglas Ross’s leadership, anti- Nationalist voters who want to beat the SNP, put the divisions of the past behind us, and build a better Scotland, will have a credible and competent party they can unite behind to win.

That’s why Douglas Ross and Ruth Davidson are making a very direct and personal appeal to everyone who wants to beat the SNP next year and build that better Scotland.

They are calling on voters across the country who want a Scotland that finally moves beyond the last decade of constitutional division and instead prioritises a stronger economy, better jobs, safer streets and good schools, to join them.


Douglas is already a winner. He also has the right mix of talent, guts and energy to be the leader that takes our party forward, too. I back him, and urge everyone to get behind him.

Ruth Davidson MSP

MSP for Edinburgh Central and former Leader of the Scottish Conservatives

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